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Larnaca’s Archaeological Sites

Medieval Castle

Larnaca Castle

Larnaca Medieval Castle, also known as the Larnaca Fort, is believed to have been originally built during the Middle Ages although there is some contestation regarding its origins. It is situated on the southern point of “Finikoudes” coastal avenue..

Saint Lazarus Church

Church of Saint Lazarus Larnaca

The Church of Saint Lazarus is situated in the Agios Lazaros square in Larnaca’s town centre and is widely known as a key Larnaca attraction. The magnificent stone church was built by Byzantine Emperor Leo VI in the 9th century..

Kamares Aqueduct

kamares aqueduct larnaca cyprus

The island has managed to grow over the span of countless years and many things contributed to the form that it is today. Piece by piece, the island of Cyprus was slowly becoming one of the most interesting places in Eastern Europe with a history that begins as a fairy-tale..

Ancient Kition

There is history behind this beautiful town and you can discover it yourself. Ancient Kition is one of the most important parts of Larnaca’s history and you can find out more about it by visiting the historical sight. Kition was an ancient Greek city, kingdom of Cyprus..

Khirokitia – Choirokoitia

Choirokoitia is the name of a village nearby, and “Khirokitia” is used to refer to the Neolithic settlement listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998. The site, discovered in 1934, is known as one of the most significant and best preserved prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean. The settlement of Khirokitia is situated on the slope of the hill..

Hala Sultan Tekke

Tekke Mosque Larnaca

Hala Sultan Tekke or, the Mosque of Umm Haram, lies approximately 6 km southwest of Larnaka. Umm Haram (Hala Sultan) was the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s wet nurse and wife of Ubada bin al-Samit, one of the highest ranking officers of Moawia. The mosque was built over a tomb which, according to tradition, belongs to Umm Haram..

Djami Kebir Mosque

Mosque Larnaca

After a relaxing walk in the beachfront of Finikoudes and a revitalized spirits you will find yourself at the end of the famous promenade. On your left you will be able to see the Djami Kebir Mosque which is one of the most well-known Mosque’s in Larnaca, not only because of its easy-to-access location but also because of the history hidden behind..

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