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Kamares Aqueduct

kamares aqueduct larnaca cyprus

Kamares Aqueduct in Larnaca

The island has managed to grow over the span of countless years and many things contributed to the form that it is today. Piece by piece, the island of Cyprus was slowly becoming one of the most interesting places in Eastern Europe with a history that begins as a fairy-tale. You can discover the past of the island with glimpses of the past all throughout the city of Larnaca. Pieces of our history are scattered all throughout the city, and one of the most interesting is the Kamares Aqueduct which is also by the name Bekir Pasha Aqueduct. One of the prettiest sights in Cyprus while being timid in its own way is the sight of these beautiful arches that form the historical aqueduct.

The History

This construction begun forming back in 1747 and it was financed by Ebubekir Pasha who was the Ottoman Governor of Larnaca back in the day. The sight is not colossal in scale but you can feel a beautiful aura surrounding it. The thought of the water that once flowed and the solemn view of the construction will bring a warm feeling to your heart simply by looking at it.

Start your journey here

Chill at the sight by sitting on one of the benches and fall in love with its view under the star lit sky. Put your dreams in order and refuel your spirit. Piece together all the parts of history of the island and the city of Larnaca, by beginning your journey right here.

Get ready to discover another side of this island and its history and fall in love with it just like so many people before you have. 

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