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Kastella Beach

kastella beach

Kastella Beach – One of the most popular beaches in Larnaca

Ever walked on a sandy beach and the only thing your eye could reach is the endless blue horizon and the generous sunlight? Then you must have visited Kastella Beach in Larnaca. One of the best things to do in Larnaca. This seafront is one of the most beloved destinations for locals and tourists to visit during the hot days of the summer or any time the beach seems like an appropriate choice.

Enjoy the warm sun at Kastella

Chill underneath the warm sun and feel its warmth hugging your body. Feel that tan kicking in with a cold drink in your hand the view of the sea. Calm yourself and your vision in a hotspot of a relaxing ambiance of positivity and summer vibes! Once you reach the beach you will have a parking place to leave your car and the worries of the week (or the day if you visit daily which is strongly suggested) and just enter a summer paradise. If things get too hot, either from the warm sun or the people around you take the chance of refreshing yourself with a beverage from the bar or a swim in the beautiful waters of Larnaca. Let the iodized and cool water wash the stress away and float under the sun with a smile on your face and acknowledge what a good choice you made for your day.

What to do

There is plenty of space on the beach to enjoy other activities, play with your friends, the family and the kids in an environment that is super fun. The beach is formed in a way that is not only relaxing for both friend groups but also for families. With a structure that makes it easy for parents to monitor the rest of the family members of the beach.

So, all you have to do now is visit this awesome beach, lay back, get yourself a drink and enjoy!

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