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Mackenzie beach

You can have fun during day time and night time. You can find things to do under the sun and under the stars. Time does not really matter when you visit the Makenzy beach in Larnaca. Spend your morning on one of the most fabulous beaches in Cyprus. It is a constant favorite of local people and tourists alike.

This beach is one of the reasons many people are waiting for summer to come. There is something to do any time of the day, for every age. Starting the day? Chillax on the wonderful beachfront with the view as a main attraction, and I’m not only talking about the people around you but the endless view of the sea blue that never ends. Lay under the sun waiting for that awesome tan to kick in while keeping yourself crisply fresh with amazing cocktails and drinks from the bars and cafés and spread all over the length of this amazing summer destination.

Are you hungry now after your san bath? Are you on a lunch break? Is it your cheat day… again? Have your lunch at the amazing restaurants along the Makenzy beach strip and after that you can have your coffee while gazing at the waves of the beach and enjoying the summer vibes. And why not bring the whole family. Both kids and adults will enjoy something from Makenzy beach. There is place for your kids to play and there is place for you to have some peace of mind.

Feel summer conquering your body and mind and relax… until night time. That is when you can explore a whole other side of Larnaca. Indulge yourself into a night time experience right beside the ocean and under a star-lit sky that is being reflected onto the sea water. Enjoy your drink and feel the vibes of summer music thundering through your body. Dance the night away at one of the best night time destinations on the island. Live the Makenzy beach experience yourself.

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