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Marina Promenade

Right in the heart of the city you will find yourself within an environment that is tranquil and becomes more picturesque step by step. The Finikoudes sea front is one of the most interesting and well known destinations for everyone that visits or lives in Larnaca. As soon as you visit the beach you will be able to visit the countless cafés, have your coffee or a meal at the restaurants, have a wonderful walk underneath the sun, a walk on the beach, a swim in the refreshing waters, grab yourself an ice cream and walk along the beautiful lines of palm trees spread along the beach. You will be able to enter a new world in no time as soon as you come across the Marina situated in the Finikoudes area.

The nautical theme will change your view and transform it to a nautical theme with the sight of the beautiful wooden pathway that will lead you on a read between boats, the sea, rocks and the sun. Let all your worries go for the time you are there and explore the solemn nature of the marina, have a wonderful walk throughout the marina and find out that there is more than meets the eye. While you are having your walk you will find yourself within a world of opportunities to explore the city of Larnaca on another level.

Find offers that can lead you to boat rides that will allow you to discover a whole new side of Larnaca, a side that is on water. You will be able to find interesting trips that will elevate your visit to Larnaca, from awesome to unforgivable. Discover secrets and unfold even more pages to Larnaca and make your stay an even more magical experience than you ever thought. Discover things many don’t.

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