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Municipal Gallery

Visiting Cyprus and especially Larnaca for holiday if for a day trip does not keep you limited within the options of its beautiful beaches and the awesome bars that surround them. It can also become a visit or a trip that will enrich you intellectually. You can visit many hotspots that will indulge you in the awesome world of art and culture. From the graphic secrets you can find scattered throughout the whole city to art galleries in the heart of the city. The Larnaca Municipal Gallery is one of the places you would have to visit while you are in Larnaca.

You can discover a whole new side of Cyprus simply by visiting a piece of its culture, history and future within one of the old Colonial Buildings in Europe Square in Finikoudes that have been there since 1881. The gallery is there for you to enjoy thematic exhibitions that take place periodically throughout the year that feature local artists and artists from abroad. Travel throughout the several halls that exist there and lose yourself in the art exhibited. Art that ranges from sculptures to constructions and paintings while also featuring permanent pieces from local artists that show the talent that exists on the island and abroad. The celebration of art in Cyprus is something we are proud of. The island might be small but the heart of the island is a big and a warm one. Art is something that offers more than anything else when it comes to the connection of the people to a place. It is the backdrop of civilization and a good representation of one’s mindset. Larnaca and Cyprus is so much more than a beautiful island and you can discover that by yourself with an intellectual journey to the past, present and future.

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